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Odor Masters USA systems and products deodorize vehicles by reversing the way interiors become malodorous. We use 21st Century molecular chemicals and an thermal fog process that penetrates completely at .15 microns and then disappears along with the odor problem leaving no clean-up issues. Cost effective and environmentally-friendly with no VOCs. Try us before you spend a lot of time and money on unneeded detailing (vehicles) re-cleaning / replacing carpets, painting or another expensive round of deep cleaning for the interior of a property.



Odor Masters USA .com has been subject to a cybersquatting and slanderous FALSE allegations of “fraud”.

This is not an act of hacktivism!

  1. It is an illegal action against the company, licensees and owner as well as any free-thinking people who choose to engage in fully lawful online activities. 
  2. A scheme to steal our domain and extort money.
  3. We are the victims of an unexpected attack + theft.

The thief is now posting a nonsensical fraud alert on our in an attempt to force our hand.

We are honest and hard working odor removal professionals with an excellent reputation and reviews across the county. The messaging is weak though may lead our potential customers to misconstrue and hence not hire our trained professionals to help with their odor removal needs.

A domain name is often a valuable business asset that allows customers to find your website.  Often times the business trademark is used as the domain name.  Unfortunately, nefarious third parties recognize the value to a business in obtaining the domain names corresponding to their trademarks.  These third parties are referred to as cybersquatters that register the domain names of trademarks in an attempt to profit from this action.  

This cybersquatter has no intention of using the domain names for their own legitimate purpose, but rather hold the domain name hostage in attempt to be paid a ransom from the trademark owner.


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