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Vehicle Services

Odor Masters USA’s services and products isolate and neutralize by reversing the ways interiors become malodorous.

Neutral is the new smell standard!

Let our professional team of skilled technicians at Odor Masters USA work to relieve any stress to restore your interiors back to their original smell condition. We use the latest environmentally-friendly innovations and leave no trace of our services except the elimination of the odor problem.

It’s Gone – Guaranteed!

Private Party, Dealerships or Yacht Brokers - struggling with bad odors?

We can increase sales and eliminate any unwinds for our auto / RV / Boat dealership clients due to a less than “clean smelling” vehicle / boat interiors. Upper Deck to Lower Deck, our team of experienced professional's will meet with you and your clients to determine the best approach to "neutralize" odors onboard! Odor Masters USA wants to earn your business! We will do a no charge and proactive inspections as needed and are available on-call.

If you are currently depending on just a detail or masking sprays, you are just sending the odor away temporarily and Ozone machines are not approved by the EPA! Using ozone can VOID MANUFACTURES’ WARRANTIES!  Most troubling is that using ozone can leave your business vulnerable to non-disclosure health lawsuits! 

When the interior of your vehicle or the A/C smells badly such as tobacco smoke, food waste, pet or those “mystery” smells it can be irritating. Odor Masters USA utilizes safe 21st century products to neutralize on the molecular level. Problem solved usually in one hour!